Rates and terms

The price is determined by the duration of the session, which is agreed beforehand. You may cum as many times as you please. All the prices include GFE, condoms (in different sizes), lubricant, female condoms and cunnilingus protection sheets.

NB! No bargaining.

Rates for IRL sessions

150 €/30 mins
230 €/45 mins
250 €/1 h
450 €/2 h
550 €/3 h
650 €/4 h
730 €/5 h
800 €/6 h

1200 €/12 h


Toy wishes +20 €
Role play +50 €
Golden shower to you +50 €
Squirt +50 €
Domination +50 €


Safe sex is a necessity, also with oral sex.

Before our first session I insist a phone call from a visible number. During that call we’ll agree on our session’s content, date and place.

I won’t meet you if you are intoxicated and also I won’t be intoxicated in our session either.
I wish you haven’t smoked and/or used snus just before our session.

Remote services

I take the payment beforehand, and you can pay with Paysafecard’s PIN codes (you can buy those from K-Markets, K-Supermarkets, Citymarket or R-kioski) or by invoice. For invoice I’ll need your email address or phonenumber where I can send the info for payment, and also a full name and address. (I don’t care whether the name and address are truly yours or not.)

Photo of me 20 €/piece
Video of me 60 €/piece (duration 3-5 mins)

Chat with girlfriend on Whatsapp or Kik

A) 20 €/1 h
B) 100 €/week (incl. unlimited hours of chatting on five days straight and one photo of me a day)
C) 300 €/month (incl. unlimited hours of chatting on five days a week, four weeks straight and max. 10 photos of me)

Webcam sessions

50 €/10 mins
100 €/30 mins