Rates and terms

The price is determined by the duration of the session, which is agreed beforehand. You may cum as many times as you please. All the prices include max 30 kilometres from Rovaniemi center, GFE, condoms and lubricant. If you have a particularly small or big penis, I wish you’ll inform me of it in advance, so that I have time to buy fitting condoms if you don’t have them yourself.

NB! The prices are what they are. I don’t think you try to bargain for your physiotherapist or massagist, so please don’t do it here either.


170 €/30 mins
230 €/45 mins
250 €/1 h
450 €/2 h
550 €/3 h
650 €/4 h
730 €/5 h
800 €/6 h

1200 €/12 h


Toy wishes +20 €
Light role play +20 €
Squirt +50 €
Domination +50 €


Before our first session I insist a phone call from a visible number. During that call we’ll agree on our session’s content, date and place.

I won’t meet you if you are intoxicated and also I won’t be intoxicated in our session either, and condom is compulsory. Also I wish you haven’t smoked just before our session and you have washed your penis, hands and brushed your teeth.

In Rovaniemi I don’t have a permanent place where to meet unless I have just booked one for couple of days. I’m open-minded with the meeting place, so for me it’s okay to meet in your car, if it’s clean inside, or for example against a tree in a forest.