About me


I am friendly, empathetic, warm-hearted and genuinely just for you when we meet. I listen to your worries and the wildest sex fantasies without any judgement or critique.

As a sexworker I’m responsible and motivated and I do this work independently and with a great passion. I take the confidentiality and secrecy seriously and I deeply respect your privacy – which I expect from you, too.

I take a good care of my health and well-being and that’s why using a condom and a cunnilingus protection sheet are necessities. I don’t smoke and I drink alcohol very rarely.

I enjoy when I can serve my customers the best way I can, and by far the best thing is when I can give satisfaction not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and socially.

So that I’m able to be the best customer servant as I can, you have to show your respect and honor towards me, my profession and my prices. In other words you accept my terms and prices as they are and you won’t try to bargain or dictate your own terms.